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2008-08-21 05:33:22 by InfinityVas

My latest music
Super Mario Galaxy Feel Bros ! [ Super Mario Galaxy 2 Feel Mix ]

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2008-08-21 08:06:46



2008-08-24 23:50:05

It's nice to see that you're still putting out quality music


2009-04-20 16:50:51

your music touches the center of my very souls heart


2010-02-26 23:59:11

Awesome! It really does have a SMG feel!


2010-08-04 01:05:57

You make me wish Nintendo made New Super Mario Bros. Galaxy now.


2010-11-27 21:15:16

I really liked the way you put a sort of magical feel in the music. Theres somethings that you could probably changed thought:

-There are some places where you could have put a little more instruments.

-At the beginning, theres a sort of drum beat that goes "Tock-Tchi-Tock-Tchi" that dosen't really go well with the rest of the song.

But like I said, this is a spectacular song! Keep it up!


2011-06-16 08:20:35

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2014-07-02 22:58:33

Fucks sake, Infinity. Why don't you ever respond to any comments people give you. I remember watching a Mushroom Kingdom Fusion video of you playing Subcon Panic. I asked you the name of the song that played in the background and you never answered and you never put it in the description.